What’s your style of working with organizations?

The engagements where both the client and I have felt the most successful is when I can come in as part of your board or staff team to work through an issue from start to finish. I work with your internal resources as much as possible to not only build capacity, but reduce the cost to you. 

Do you help with  fundraising?

Not in the traditional sense. I do consult with health-related organizations on potential resource development and private and public funding. If you’re in need of a fund development analysis, planned giving, direct mail or other fundraising or event services, I would be glad to help you find the right adviser.

What do you mean by community initiatives?

Engagements where I help bring together different sectors, organizations or points of view to solve a social problem and/or enhance systems. This is accomplished through facilitation, re-framing issues, finding common ground, convening decision makers, identifying priorities and funding or advancing policy.

Can you help me if I have a limited budget? How do you charge for projects?

I would be happy to provide your organization with a free consultation where we can discuss your budget and potential fees. This gives us both a chance to understand needs, priorities and the potential scope of work. Unless it is a very limited engagement, most often I suggest a project rate for a set of deliverables.   

Will you provide references?

I invite you to review a list of some of my past and current clients here. Organizations that are still in business are linked and I can provide contact info for references for any organization listed.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?

I routinely work on highly sensitive projects that require confidentiality, so I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Additionally, depending upon the nature of the engagement, the product is typically owned by the client.

Do you work with clients outside of Tucson?

Yes, I work with clients from across Arizona and those that have a multi-state presence.

I have a project that is not included on your list of services. How can I get a hold of you to discuss?

Please email me at rossetti@dakotacom.net or call or text (520) 241-3485.  All inquiries will come directly to me and are confidential.


Thank you for your interest in partnering with me on your next important initiative.

"We initially engaged Christina in a complex project that involved bringing together eight diverse organizations to explore synergies and opportunities to collaborate.  She immediately gained the trust and confidence of all of the parties involved-- and she had the savvy to know how to move forward to achieve real results.  She is a superb pro and has helped us on several projects since then."

— Stuart Mellan, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona